Major Enhancements

  • gopaddle Lite – Lifetime free community edition as an add-on in microk8s environment –, Community Support through slack
  • Quickstart wizard (minimal version) to onboard docker registry, GitHub accounts, dockerize, and launch applications on a Kubernetes cluster
    • Container-based isolated initialization process to dockerize and launch applications on a cluster
    • Applicable for Java and NodeJS applications
  • Container & Distribution view pages revamped for better usability

Minor Enhancements

  • The left panel in UI revamped with better naming and usability
  • Ingress logs added to the Applications activities page
  • Max pods schedulable added to the nodes in the cluster view page
  • Node status added to the nodes list page in a cluster
  • Added support to Import literal configurations at the time of creating or updating a container.
  • Added support for imagePullPolicy in container create, update, and application inline
  • Added support for generating API token for a root user
  • New options added to gpctl
    • –clusterID     : ‘cluster’ to perform a build and deploy. When not provided, it asks for user input        
    • –allocationPolicyID : ‘allocationPolicy’ to assign cpu and memory to build and deploy. When not provided, it asks for user input    
    • –registryID     : ‘registry’ to pull and push the images                              
    • –templateID     : To add the service into pre-existing template                           
    • –overrideENV    : OverrideEnv helps to change the ENV                                  
    • –discover      : discover the ENV and OS and Language of the given baseImage                      
    • –privileged     : To set the security policy to run a container in privileged mode                    
    • –imagePullPolicy  : To set imagePullPolicy for the container. it can be either be ifNotPresent,always,never        
    • –appName      : To set appName for the application name

Bug Fixes

  • Show proper replica status and ready states for applications
  • Couldn’t generate and download Helm charts from gopaddle dashboard
  • Pushing the images to Harbor registry using harbor sub-user fails with Unauthorized error
  • Handle dockerhub private registry without project name
  • Create container with dependency service failed with “Invalid value encountered in ‘ServiceConfig.Dependencies[0].Port.Protocol'” error

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